Parking Lot Changes: Second Notice

image001During the spring semester the Campus Parking Committee developed a plan to redistribute parking in ways that better serve campus constituents, mostly having to do with consolidating permit types in specific lots and changing total numbers of stalls assigned to permit types based on usage data. This was the subject of several emails and an Open Forum held on May 3rd. These changes were put into effect during the week of July 25th, 2016   A map showing the new configuration is available at

Important Changes to the Parking Lots designations on Campus:
1. Tennis Court Parking Lot – Accessibility spaces change to reserve for SA Vans.
2. Hunt Union Main Lot (Along Bugbee Road) – CHANGE – Lot is now Commuter and Visitor (the Accessibility spaces remain the same)
3. Hunt Union Rear Lot (Along Blodgett Drive) – CHANGE – Lot is now Faculty / Staff.
4. The Lot at the top of the hill next to Fine Arts and Fitzelle stays F/S until contractors mobilize to start construction of the Welcome Center in the Fall of 2016
5. Health Center Lot back online – all Faculty / Staff
6. Physical Science Service Drive and adjacent lot back online – Faculty / Staff.
7. Both upper Parking Lots on the side hill between Golding Hall and the Bugbee School changes from Commuter to Commuter/Resident.
8. The Faculty-only spots at the Heating Plant and Milne Library near the Bus Stop turn into Faculty / Staff.
9. The Human Ecology Parking Lot between Red Dragon Drive and Alumni Hall will now be all Commuter parking.
The Admissions Parking area will remain the same until the Welcome Center is completed, but the perimeter parking spaces in that lot will now be Faculty/Staff.
10. Fine Arts / Field House Lots will all be for Faculty / Staff.
11. The western row of parking, along the drive to the rear of the Field House (formally Commuter and Faculty) will now be Faculty.