Earth and Atmospheric Sciences were Hosts for Third Annual Conference

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences was the host for the Third Annual Geologic Field Conference of the New York Earth Science Teachers Association (NYESTA) from July 20-22. The conference began with an observing session at the College’s Observatory, graciously hosted by Jason Smolinski (Physics and Astronomy). The main portion of the conference comprised two field trips led by James Ebert. An all-day field trip on July 21 was entitled “Snapshots from Deep Time: Geologic History of East Central New York – Precambrian to Upper Devonian.” A half-day field trip on July 22 explored “Caves and Karst Geology of the Cobleskill Plateau.” Les Hasbargen and Deep Sen (Earth and Atmospheric Sciences) assisted with both field trips. The half-day trip was followed by a series of round robin workshops. The conference concluded with a banquet and awards ceremony.

The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences expresses their gratitude to Lisa Hoffman, Graig Eichler, Wende Ebberts, Dave Geasey, Barry Haney and the staff of the Print Shop for helping to make the conference a great success.