Tyra Olstad serves as Artist-In-Residence at Misty Fiords Wilderness in Alaska

Dr. Tyra A. Olstad, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, was selected as the 2016 “Voice of the Wilderness” Artist in Residence for Misty Fiords National Monument, southeast Alaska. For the residency, Dr. Olstad spent 8 days kayaking and hiking through remote Rudyerd Bay with United States Forest Service (USFS) Wilderness Rangers, monitoring use of undeveloped campsites, backcountry shelters, and trails. She is now working with USFS personnel to develop interpretive materials, including a hand-drawn map of recreational opportunities for sea kayakers. Designated as a National Monument in 1978 and a Wilderness Area in 1980, Misty Fiords preserves 2.1 million acres of soaring granite cliffs, craggy coastal shoreline, intact volcanic necks, mossy old-growth temperate rainforest, pristine freshwater lakes, undisturbed alpine tundra, remnant inland glaciers, and prime habitat for salmon, eagles, seals, bears, and a multitude of other species. It’s a unique part of the 17-million acre Tongass National Forest and 109-million acre National Wilderness Preservation System. For more information on Misty Fiords, consult http://www.wilderness.net/NWPS/wildView?WID=361 . For more information on the “Voices of the Wilderness” program, which partners artists with land management professionals in Alaskan Forests and Wildlife Refuges, see http://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/r10/home/?cid=STELPRD3794556