Turning Point Software Update

Turning Technologies, which is the brand for one of the clickers used on our campus, has released a new version of the software used for the clickers, called Turning Point Cloud. The new version now requires that you have log in credentials with Turning Point. If you have created an account with them in the past, you do not need to create a new one; you can use your existing username/password combination. If you have not created an account, you will now need to have one. You can go to the Turning Point Account page (https://account.turningtechnologies.com/account/) to do this. From the student’s perspective nothing has changed. They will be able to use their clickers just like before.

The only major change in the new software is that you (the professor) are now required to login to the software every time that you use it. You can still use your PowerPoint presentations that you created before and still run the software from your home computer. Here is the Turning Point Cloud resource page (https://www.turningtechnologies.com/support/turningpoint-cloud), which includes the updates user manual (for mac and pc), FAQs, tutorials, and more.

If you have any questions about this update, you can contact Chilton Reynolds (x2673, chilton.reynolds@oneonta.edu) in the TLTC for more information.