Fall 2016 TLTC Workshop Offerings

For more information on these offerings, go to http://www.oneonta.edu/its/tltc/workshopofferings.asp

 Teaching Breakfast:  The Teaching Breakfast is an informal gathering to talk about issues of teaching and learning. There is no need to sign-up for this, just show up when you are able. While we start the conversation at 8am you can always come later to join in. This group meets in the space outside of Starbucks in the Hunt Union. You can grab something from Starbucks or bring your breakfast and come chat with other faculty about issues in your classroom.

In addition this group maintains an email listserv to share interesting readings around teaching and learning. If you are interested in signing up for the listserv, contact Chilton Reynolds (chilton.reynolds@oneonta.edu or x2673). 
(All sessions start at 8am outside of Starbucks, Hunt Union)

  • September 1 (Thursday)
  • September 21 (Wednesday)
  • October 6 (Thursday)
  • October 19 (Wednesday)
  • November 3 (Thursday)
  • November 16 (Wednesday)
  • December 1 (Thursday)

Laptop and Lunch Technology Series:  The Laptop and Lunch series is a chance for you to improve your knowledge regarding new technology and technology-related issues that impact the academic and work environment of the College. These session happen over the lunch hour so you can bring your lunch and bring your laptop (if you would like) to hear about these different technologies.
(All sessions are in the Union Square, lower level of the Hunt Union at noon)

  • September 14 (Wednesday) – PDFs
  • September 27 (Tuesday) – Office 365
  • October 12 (Wednesday) – Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)
  • October 25 (Tuesday) – Big Data and IBM’s Watson
  • November 2 (Wednesday) – Google Apps
  • November 15 (Tuesday) – Student Clickers
  • December 7 (Wednesday) – Online Educational Resources (OERs)

Technology User Groups:  User Groups allow faculty who are interested in a common technology a space to celebrate successes and discuss problems around a common theme. These groups have both face-to-face meetings and online spaces so that participants can choose how much they want to engage with the group. The TLTC will be hosting four interest group meetings at the beginning of the semester to determine who is interested in a specific technology. Even if you cannot attend a meeting, please contact Chilton Reynolds (x2673,chilton.reynolds@oneonta.edu) to let us know if you would like to be a part of a specific discussion so that we can determine the level of interest for each group.

  • Blackboard User Group Interest Meeting– September 6, 3-4pm, 
Catskill Room, Hunt Union
  • Office 365 User Group Interest Meeting – September 7, 3-4pm, 
TLTC Computer Lab, Milne Library
  • Tools of Engagement Project Interest Meeting – September 8, 3-4pm, 
Catskill Room, Hunt Union
  • Mobile Devices in the Classroom Interest Meeting– September 9, 3-4pm, 
Catskill Room, Hunt Union

 Blackboard Training:  These sessions cover a variety of topics about the effective use of Blackboard in the classroom. There are no prerequisites for any of the courses so you can take them in any order that you would like. Topics covered in these sessions include:

  • Blackboard Basics
  • How to Use Engagement Tools
  • Assigning and grading work in Blackboard
  • Gradebook Basics
  • ADA Guidelines

Here is the full list of Blackboard trainings with times and dates.