Budget Advisory Committee seeking Teaching Faculty Self-Nominations

Self-Nominations are being sought to serve a two-year term on the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC). At this time, we have a vacancy for one (1) teaching faculty member. All other posts are currently filled. If you are interested in serving in the capacity on the BAC, please send your nomination by email to Laura.Emmett@oneonta.edu by September 9th. Nominations should include a very brief statement about how you plan to contribute to the work of this committee. Thomas Sakoulas will serve as Chair of the BAC which meets once per month during the academic year.

The purpose of the Budget Advisory Committee is as follows:  Maintain a highly transparent, informative, and participatory operating fund budgeting process; Integrate campus strategic planning with the budgeting process; Analyze the budget context (e.g., state funding) and its impact on the institution; Make up of Committee: Chairperson (2-year term), Provost, VP Finance and Administration, VP Institutional Advancement, VP Student Development, Senior Executive Employee Services Officer, Faculty at large (2-year term), Faculty at large (2-year term), Non-teaching faculty (2-year term), Classified staff member (2-year term), Chair of the College Senate or designee, Chair of the Senate Committee on Academic Planning and Resource Allocation, Chair of the Strategic Planning Council or designee, Student Association president or designee, Student Association Treasurer.