SUNY Oneonta Students and Faculty in Colombia

Five Students, two Faculty, and the Oneonta International Director are  at the end of an exploration in four different cities of Colombia and visiting six different higher education institutions in addition to a preparatory school and two organizations for the poor. Professors Walker, from the Museum Cooperstown Graduate Program, and Montoya from the department of Foreign Languages and Literatures engaged in a cultural immersion seeking to open doors with this country for multiple internationalization initiatives. Students from both programs were given the task to observe, study, and propose best internationalization practices in Colombia. Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) has been on the top of the list of priorities, among other activities: faculty led courses abroad, ex-changes, study abroad, and international research for faculty. Multiple interdisciplinary faculty from the different universities have expressed great interest in working with Oneonta “COILing” and Colombian institutional administrators have invited Oneonta to cooperate with them. See more in Blog: