Leave Donations for Kyle Burch

Under an agreement between applicable public employee unions and the State of New York, a program has been established where vacation time can be donated across unions to those who have exhausted their sick leave. On the Oneonta campus, Kyle Burch, UUP, has exhausted his sick leave accruals. Any member of the UUP bargaining unit who accrues vacation leave can donate vacation days to Kyle so long as they maintain a balance of 10 vacation days after donated days are deducted from their balances. The identity of donors remains confidential.

To donate any accruals to Kyle, please print out and complete the form at the following link:   http://www.oneonta.edu/admin/humres/HR/HR_images/LEAVE_DONATION_FORM.pdf.

Send the completed form to Human Resources Office, Netzer 208. For further information, please contact the Human Resources Office at 436-2509. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Attention Eligible UUP Employees:   Only employees who earn vacation accruals are eligible to donate leave. (Employees who only earn sick leave may receive donated accruals, but they have no vacation accruals to donate to anyone else.)