Volunteer Servers needed for Midnight Breakfast

Midnight Breakfast will be Wednesday May 4th (Thursday May 5th for the sticklers) in Wilsbach Hall and we need your help. The breakfast is a great opportunity for faculty and staff to wish students good luck on finals while providing them a satisfying start to the finals period. Sodexo staff prepares all of the food but faculty and staff serve it. They get very excited to see people they know from the classroom or offices standing behind the counter. If you wish to help, please email bill harcleroad, Director of Campus Activities. We will assemble at about 11:30 PM in Wilsbach and serving is usually done by about 1 AM. It’s a late night but a great opportunity to engage with students in a different setting. I hope to see you there.

“A college’s commission—and its concomitant license to choose among pedagogical approaches—is not confined to the classroom, for extracurricular programs are, today, essential parts of the educational process.” … “involvement in student groups is a significant contributor to the breadth and quality of the educational experience” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg writing on behalf of the majority in the Hastings decision.