Faculty and Students present at COIL Conference

Pictured in the photo from left to right: Front Row: Chilton Reynolds, Olga Meza (La Salle University, Mexico) Maria Montoya, Erica Braithwaite, Halley Fallon, Beth Small, Victor Zorrilla Garza (University de Monterrey, Mexico) In Skype (on screen): Frank Thornton, Isis Castellanos Sanchez (La Salle University, Mexico), Rosario Escalada (La Salle University, Mexico), Carol Dean (not pictured)

SUNY Oneonta was well represented at the 10th SUNY COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Conference in New York City.  This conference hosted universities from all over the world and served as a place to make new connections with international faculty who are interested in implementing COIL modules in their own classrooms.

Dr. Frank Thornton, Dr. Maria Montoya, Dr. Beth Small, and Dr. Carol Dean, as well as two of Dr. Montoya’s students, Erica Braithwaite and Haley Fallon, participated in a panel with their international partners entitled “Dragon Tales: Lessons learnt from multiple COIL courses taught at a 4-year institution.”

Dr. Montoya and her two students were joined via Skype by two Colombian students who also participated in their COIL module for a session entitled “Welcome to Cartagena Colombia: Global Citizenship and Social Justice through Student Voices from COIL Experience.”

Chilton Reynolds and one of Dr. Carol Dean’s students, Tate Stoyell, participated in a panel session entitled “Hear the Voices, See the Projects, Ask the Questions: Student Perspectives and Voices from COIL Exchanges and Experiences.”

There are many new opportunities that were discussed at the conference on ways for faculty to implement COIL modules into their classrooms.  If you are interested in hearing more about COIL or to find out about connecting with an international partner to collaborate with, please contact Chilton Reynolds, the COIL Nodal Network Coordinator for our campus (chilton.reynolds@oneonta.edu).

Frontline Newsletter for May 2016

In this Month’s Frontline Newsletter (Frontline May 2016),  brought to you by EAP you can read the following articles: Do you Secretly Fear Retirement?; Yes, the EAP Can Do That!; Safety at the Pool This Summer; Apps for Health and Recovery; Increasing Your Intrinsic Motivation; Good-to Know Soft Skills Collaboration; Standing Up for Millennials; and Blood-borne Pathogens on the Job.

LEAD on the RISE – The College’s Comprehensive Leadership Program

Elise Cain, the current Coordinator of Leadership Programs reports “The membership of LEAD@Oneonta on Campus Connection reached an all-time high today (April 22, 2016) of 1,530 members!  This is much more than double the program’s membership just three years ago.  In addition, there were 423 students who achieved a LEAD@Oneonta level this academic year.  Congratulations to all of the LEAD@Oneonta students, Leadership Mentors, and the Coordinator of Leadership Programs for these great accomplishments!”

Use Caution: Painting of Crosswalks – April 30

On Saturday, April 30th (weather permitting), Paint Shop Staff will be repainting crosswalk striping on campus.  Drivers should look out for traffic cones restricting vehicular traffic to single-lane at crosswalks and pedestrians should be aware of wet paint in the coned-off areas.  Later in the day the opposite side of each crosswalk will be repainted.  Facilities will advise the campus if adverse weather requires a change to the schedule.  Please inform faculty and staff accordingly as required.