Scantron Locations and Information for Final Exams

With final exams starting on Thursday, May 5, I want to clarify where the Scantron Test Scoring machines are located on campus,  and offer some other important  information.

When you use a Scantron machine, please be sure to log your usage and all other required information on the forms located by the machines.  Make sure you take all test forms with you when you leave!

Analysis forms are located at each machine for your use.  Test forms come from your department.

Be sure your students use a #2 pencil when filling in answers on their test forms.  Anything else will not register with the machine.

Machines  are housed at the following locations:

  • Milne Library (outside Help Desk area,  basement level – Open Library Hours; Check their website
  • Print Shop, Netzer Administration Building – Use Back Door – Open 8AM to 4PM
  • Communication Arts Department (B12), basement level of IRC –Open 8AM to 4PM
  • IRC 113A – Across from the TV Studios – Open 7AM to 3PM

For those who have not gone through training or are not yet comfortable with the ScanTron, please contact me, Mona Hughes at x2490 or email me at, so that I can personally train you enabling you to easily use any of the Scantron locations.