Leigh Fall Presents Research at the University of Connecticut

Leigh Fall of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department gave an invited talk to the students and faculty of the Center of Integrative Geosciences at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday, April 26.  The talk entitled: “You are what you eat: stable isotope evidence indicates the predatory snail Neverita duplicata is likely an omnivore” reported results from her research and upcoming submission to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. The research was conducted at SUNY Oneonta through funding received from the Faculty Research Grant Program and UUP Faculty Development Grant Program.  Leigh’s research uses nitrogen isotopes to determine trophic position and diet of a presumed predatory snail in Long Island Sound. The isotopic results indicate that the species of moon snail in Long Island Sound is actually an omnivore that eats clams, snails, and plant material.  The result has implications for ecosystem functioning, fisheries, and the fossil record.  Leigh’s collaborators include Michelle Casey from Murray State University and Greg Dietl from the Paleontological Research Institution and Cornell University.