Scantron Locations and Information for Final Exams

With final exams starting on Thursday, May 5, I want to clarify where the Scantron Test Scoring machines are located on campus,  and offer some other important  information.

When you use a Scantron machine, please be sure to log your usage and all other required information on the forms located by the machines.  Make sure you take all test forms with you when you leave!

Analysis forms are located at each machine for your use.  Test forms come from your department.

Be sure your students use a #2 pencil when filling in answers on their test forms.  Anything else will not register with the machine.

Machines  are housed at the following locations:

  • Milne Library (outside Help Desk area,  basement level – Open Library Hours; Check their website
  • Print Shop, Netzer Administration Building – Use Back Door – Open 8AM to 4PM
  • Communication Arts Department (B12), basement level of IRC –Open 8AM to 4PM
  • IRC 113A – Across from the TV Studios – Open 7AM to 3PM

For those who have not gone through training or are not yet comfortable with the ScanTron, please contact me, Mona Hughes at x2490 or email me at, so that I can personally train you enabling you to easily use any of the Scantron locations.

SUNY Oneonta to Host 2016 New York Leadership Educators Conference – June 6

SUNY Oneonta will be hosting the 2016 New York Leadership Educators Conference (NYLEC) on June 6, 2016 at the Hunt College Union.

The New York Leadership Educators Conference (NYLEC) provides college professionals a chance to gather together to learn and share effective practices, improve personal skills and organizational strategies, discover opportunities and resources, exchange stories, and to be inspired to enhance student leadership education on their home campuses.

Most attendees work in student activities, residential life, career development, multicultural affairs, community service, athletics and various other areas that offer leadership development to students. This conference is open to all college and university professionals in the Mid-Atlantic area who are interested in an affordable professional development option.

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Bill Harcleroad, NYLEC Conference Chair, at

To Register for the Conference, please click on the following:  Register for NYLEC 2016

Reminder: RSVP for the UUP Spring Party – May 1

UUP will hold its traditional end of semester party on Sunday, May 1, 2016, from Noon— 4:00 PM at the College Camp.

The gathering will include a brief Chapter meeting. UUP Chief Contract Negotiator Philippe Abraham will speak about the status of negotiations, and he will respond to questions and comments.

The lodge at the Camp will allow us to have the party rain or shine.

Complimentary Brooks’ House of Bar-B-Q lunch — with food and beverages — will be served. Although the lodge has inside tables and chairs, outdoor enthusiasts may wish to bring chairs, blankets, folding tables, games, musical instruments, and sports equipment.

All those represented by the UUP bargaining unit and their families/significant others are most cordially welcome. To facilitate food planning, a RSVP is required. To RSVP, please leave a message on the UUP Oneonta voice mail at 436-2135 and provide your name, telephone number, and the number of family members/significant others, including yourself, who will attend.

Eddy Alvarez Presents Paper On Love in Colorado

On April 9, 2016, Eddy Francisco Alvarez Jr., Assistant Professor in Africana and Latino Studies, presented at the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) in Denver, Colorado. His talk titled “Finding Sequins in the Rubble: De-Colonial Love as Research Method and Pedagogy, “ focused on the hermeneutic role of love as a feminist framework, and how it applies to his research and teaching. Following the lead of woman of color, de-colonial, feminist and queer Latina/o and Black scholars, Alvarez traced his own love journal as he discussed love as a central tenet in his interdisciplinary book project on queer Latinx Los Angeles. His presentation highlighted how despite scholarly dismissal of the topic, love functions as a viable theoretical framework and a healing pedagogy. In the classroom “pedagogies of love” are used to combat the traumas of violence, racism, homophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment, classism, and other intersectional forms of oppression. This paper was part of a panel titled “Queers on the Journey of Love: Forming a Feminist Muxerista Path” with Anita Revilla Tijerina, Associate Professor and Director of Interdisciplinary Degree Programs at UNLV and Nancy Rusty Barceló, President of Northern New Mexico College. Support was provided by the Africana and Latino Studies Department and the SUNY Oneonta faculty development funds.

Reminder: Advisement Open Forums – May 2 & 3

Provost Mackin charged the Advising Task Force with designing an advising program that would increase 4-year graduation rates, improve engagement with first and second year students, improve success for transfer students, and increase student satisfaction with advisement.  Based upon the results of the Faculty/Staff advising survey, a more intentional hybrid model of advising is being proposed by the Task Force.  Please join us for a review of the data, outline of the proposal, and discussion about the vision of building a more structured holistic team approach to advising and engaging our students in their educational plans.  The Open Forums are scheduled for 45 minutes each and are offered at the following dates/times:

  • Monday, May 2:  Morris 130: 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm
  • Tuesday, May 3: Morris 104: 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am

If you have questions, please contact Eileen McClafferty at #3503 or at

Leigh Fall Presents Research at the University of Connecticut

Leigh Fall of the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department gave an invited talk to the students and faculty of the Center of Integrative Geosciences at the University of Connecticut on Tuesday, April 26.  The talk entitled: “You are what you eat: stable isotope evidence indicates the predatory snail Neverita duplicata is likely an omnivore” reported results from her research and upcoming submission to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. The research was conducted at SUNY Oneonta through funding received from the Faculty Research Grant Program and UUP Faculty Development Grant Program.  Leigh’s research uses nitrogen isotopes to determine trophic position and diet of a presumed predatory snail in Long Island Sound. The isotopic results indicate that the species of moon snail in Long Island Sound is actually an omnivore that eats clams, snails, and plant material.  The result has implications for ecosystem functioning, fisheries, and the fossil record.  Leigh’s collaborators include Michelle Casey from Murray State University and Greg Dietl from the Paleontological Research Institution and Cornell University.