William Ashbaugh Presents Research Paper in Japan

William Ashbaugh, History, presented his research paper “The Influence of 9/11 and America’s Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq on the Mobile Suit Gundam Franchise“ at the international “Mechademia Conference on Popular Cultures” held at Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, on March 20, 2016. He, with his Japanese writing partner Dr. Shintaro Mizushima, showed that the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent wars changed what Bandai, the world’s fourth largest toy manufacturer and owner of the Gundam franchise, decided to make and air on television in both the United States and Japan. These events also influenced the creators of later Gundam series that explored through allegory America’s thus far unsuccessful war on terror or terrorism itself. He would like to thank Dean Susan Turell, Paul Adamo and the College Foundation for Faculty Development, the UUP Individual Development Awards, and his colleagues in the History Department for helping make the trip to the conference (and the research trip that preceded it) financially possible. For more information on his talk, please follow the link: