Renowned Guitar Player Returns to SUNY Oneonta

Matt Hogan ’98 will return to the SUNY Oneonta campus in April 2016 to be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame. Hogan, whose studio work is in demand, has played with Miley Cyrus, Bruce Springsteen, and Ashley Tisdale. He has opened for bands including the Dave Matthews Band, Snoop Dogg, and Buckcherry. More information about his work is available on his website:

The SUNY Oneonta Music Hall of Fame has honored diverse musicians like electronica DJ Chris Manik ’07, composer George E. Boziwick ’76, and Metropolitan Opera Music Librarian Rosemary Summers ’77.

“We are thrilled that Matt could return to campus to inspire and delight current music students,” says Professor Colby Thomas. “We couldn’t be more proud of his success.”

The public will have two opportunities to hear and meet Hogan:  At the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will begin at 5:30 p.m. in Fine Arts 201. At 7:30 p.m., Matt will sit in during the Jam Band’s final showcase of the semester in the same room.  And playing with the SUNY Oneonta Funk Band at the Oak on Wednesday, April 27 at 10:30 p.m.

For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Colby Thomas 607-436-2298.

Andrew Gallup Presents and Chairs Session at International Conference

Andrew Gallup of the Psychology Department delivered two research presentations and chaired a session on cognitive processes at the International Conference on Comparative Cognition (April 13-17). Both presentations were based on research conducted at SUNY Oneonta, and each included at least one psychology undergraduate co-author. The first presentation was a talk entitled “Yawn duration predicts brain size and complexity in mammals” and was co-authored by Allyson Church (current psychology major). The second was a poster entitled “Ingroup bias for contagious stretching in budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)” and was co-authored by Janine Militello (current psychology major), Lexington Swartwood (current psychology major), and Serena Sackett (recent psychology graduate).

Tracy Betsinger Co-Organizes and Presents at Symposium in Atlanta

Tracy Betsinger, Anthropology, co-organized a symposium, “Birth, Death, and Migration: Bioarchaeology and Skeletal Biology of the Southeastern United States” at the annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, she presented the poster, “Babies, Culture, and Identity: An Analysis of Perinatal Mortuary Patterns,” and co-authored the poster, “Deviant Burials and Social Identity in a Post-medieval Polish Cemetery as Interpreted Using Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotopes.”

Robb Thibault Co-Presents at Conference in New Orleans

Robb Thibault , Director of Hunt College Union participated in the 96th annual Association of College Unions International (ACUI) conference in New Orleans, LA on March 19-24.  He co-presented an educational session “The Slam- One Funky Gumbo of Poetry, Identity, and Transformation”  with Brian Magee, University of Rochester.  The session is based on ongoing research of college students involved in the college poetry slam movement since 2012-13.  It examines the poetry slam movement on college campuses in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion, student learning outcomes, student engagement and the possible implications on retention.

Thibault currently serves on the 2017 ACUI Conference Planning Team for the 97th annual conference in Philadelphia.  He  assists with the selection of keynotes, entertainment  and community building activities.  To support the marketing of the 2017 conference Thibault appeared as Benjamin Franklin and addressed the New Orleans delegation and invited them to attend next year’s conference. See photo: Robb Thibault as Benjamin Franklin.    Many heartfelt thanks to Marjean McCaslin-Doyle – Costume Shop Supervisor/ Resident Designer for her expertise and support to transform Thibault into Franklin.

Earlier this month Thibault provided tournament oversight  for the 16th annual the ACUI College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI)  hosted by the University of Texas-Austin, April 6-9.   Sixty seven college teams from Canada, U.S. and Scotland competed in a four day competition.  Thibault established the tournament at the University of Michigan in April 2001.   This is the fifteenth consecutive year SUNY Oneonta sent a team to this tournament.  Our team of students included: Daniella Plunkett, Stefan Mirvil, Daija Russell, Marisa Tambasco, and Kimberly Kehr.   See photo:  SUNY Oneonta Poetry Slam Team.   SUNY Oneonta finished thirty-sixth overall. (#RideTheDragonPoets).   Attendance at the tournament was made by possible in part by a grant from the D’Antonio Travel for Excellence Fund and funding by the Student Association.

David Fieni Publishes Book Chapter on Graffiti in Paris

David Fieni, Foreign Language and Literatures (French), published a chapter entitled “Graffiti and Street Art in Paris” in the Routledge Handbook to Graffiti and Street Art (2016).  The chapter traces the origins of contemporary graffiti, the locations where it has occurred, and some  well-known writers and artists, such as Bando, Blek le rat, Mode 2, Invader, Skii, Ash.2, OENO, Miss.Tic, Dja’louz, Septik, El-Seed, l’Atlas, Monsieur Chat, Seth, Levalet, and Mygolo 2000.   The author focuses his overview on three key relationships: that between the city of Paris itself and the outlying suburbs and housing estates; the fluid lines between the categories of graffiti and street art; and the way that the axes of illegality and aesthetics have intersected and informed the production of graffiti in the context of Paris.