BorderLinks Student Oneonta Documentary – April 18

“Our Experience makes us want to live in a country where immigration is seen as a new source of strength and not as a problem”

Please come learn/share with Oneonta students who discovered the BorderLinks experience in Tucson Arizona during Spring Break while involved with a STAR funded Domestic Intercultural Immersion Program.  Join us on Monday April 18 in IRC7 at 7:00-8:00pm to hear from the student delegation and view their experience.

BorderLinks is a nonprofit educational organization located in Tucson, Arizona that focuses on cross-border relationship building opportunities and issues of migration in the borderlands between Mexico and the United States. BorderLinks connects divided communities, raises awareness about the impact of border and immigration policies, and inspires action for social transformation.

It is essentially a unique opportunity for academic study, experiential learning, and community living along the U.S. and Mexico border. The immersion programs offer groups the opportunity to learn from the different actors on the border to gain a holistic understanding of the immigration system. Our delegation met with individuals and organizations that provide basic humanitarian aid, which advocate for migrant and border communities, and which organize around political issues.

The idea was to build a sustainable experiential program-based relationship for future credit-bearing opportunities for Oneonta students.

Specifically and going into an election the student delegation hoped to

  • learn about the complexity of current global migration issues.
  • learn the reasons, circumstances why Latinos leave their home countries in order to migrate to the United States
  • learn about family and border life within the US-Mexico border region
  • discover issues surrounding Latino immigration into the US and the repercussions on Latino families and border life

The SUNY Oneonta delegation proved to be an intensive hands-on learning journey for 10 students representing 6 countries. It was educational, experiential, emotional and eye-opening. An example of where the world becomes one’s classroom. We believe the experience helped to humanize the current immigration debate.

Please join us on Monday April 18 in IRC7 at 7:00-8:00pm to hear from the student delegation and view their experience.