Amie Doughty Presents Paper in Seattle

Amie Doughty, English, presented the paper “Unsustainable Hunger: An Examination of Sustainability in YA Dystopian Fiction” at the National Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Conference in Seattle, WA, on March 22, 2016. The paper explores how sustainability is represented in two young adult dystopian novels, The Hunger Games and The Summer Prince, and argues that sustainability in these novels and other similar dystopian texts does not revolve around past environmental disasters but around the problematic social structures put in place to cope with those environmental disasters. This paper was inspired in part by the Sustainable Susquehanna Curriculum Workshop in which she participated in Summer 2015 and the texts that she is teaching in Children’s Literature this spring. In addition to presenting her paper, as Area Chair of the Children’s Literature and Culture area of the Popular Culture Association, she organized nine panels (31 panelists) at the conference.