Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Students and Faculty Present Research

Twelve students and three faculty from the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences attended the annual meeting of the Northeastern Section of the Geological Society of America (March 21-23, Albany, NY). Eight students presented research or were co-authors on presentations at the conference.

Emily Yntema and Stefanie Lewis presented The Physical Volcanology of the Tieton Andesite Lava Flow: Lava Flow Length and Compositional Variations with their faculty mentor Keith Brunstad. Nicholas Sharr and faculty mentor, Les Hasbargen presented Monitoring Channel and Woody Debris Dam Configurations in Silver Creek, NY. Jansen Costello with faculty mentor James Ebert presented Transportation of Microplastics to Terrestrial Dunes from the Shorelines of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, NY. Andrew Platt presented Baseline Studies of Sedimentologic, Geomorphic, and Hydrologic Parameters of Oneonta Creek, Oneonta, NY prior to Sediment Release with faculty mentor Keith Brunstad. Les Hasbargen presented Flood Records, Bank Erosion Mechanisms and Meander Migration in Butternut Creek, New York with student co-authors Peter Booth, Derek Walling and David Busby.

James Ebert was co-convener of a theme session on the Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Paleontology of the New York Paleozoic, in which he presented Echinoderm Epiboles in the Helderberg Group (Přídolí – Lochkovian) of New York and their Stratigraphic Utility with co-author Damon Matteson (Network Operations). Dr. Ebert also presented Peer-Driven Professional Development for Earth Science Teachers from ESPRIT: the Largest Geoscience Education “Organization” You’ve Never Heard Of.

Distinguished Teaching Professor (emeritus) P. Jay Fleisher presented Remnants of a Retreating Ice Front, Upper Susquehanna, NY: an Aquifer Connection and Professor (emeritus) Peter Muller served as a career mentor for undergraduate and graduate students in the Roy J. Shlemon Mentor Program in Applied Geoscience Luncheon.