Please Join Us For These Webinars

The Hunt College Union has registered for the following webinars for April. All are welcome to attend.

Engaging with Social Media – Thursday, April 7, 2 PM in the Catskill Room

This webinar will highlight successful ways to engage your students using social media platforms.

Presenter(s): Cara White, Program Coordinator, University of Delaware

In Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Social Change Model: Latest Research and Scholarship Implications for Pedagogy – Thursday, April 14, 2 PM in the Susquehanna Room

The Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM) is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2016. It has come to be the most widely-used model influencing leadership curriculum design, advancing a philosophy of collaborative leadership and social change, and been the focus of new scholarship and research. The 2009 Leadership for a Better World: Understanding the Social Change Model of Leadership Development has been used widely in leadership courses and other educational venues. Komives, Wagner and Associates are updating this book for the second edition to be released in December 2016. This webinar will overview advances in leadership education based on the SCM and will focus on the new features in the forthcoming second edition including the framework for the book, inclusion of research findings, and rubrics for self-assessment. A facilitator’s guide on the SCM will also be discussed.

Presenter(s): Susan Komives, Professor Emerita, University of Maryland & Wendy Wagner, Professor, Human Services & Social Justice, The George Washington University

Generation Z Goes to College – Tuesday, April 19, 2 PM in the Catskill Room

Determined. Innovative. Confident. These are just some of the many characteristics of Generation Z, those born from 1995 to 2010. How are we prepared to adapt to this changing demographic and reframe our practice to effectively engage Generation Z students in learning and development during their time in higher education? This session will showcase research findings from the newly released book, Generation Z Goes to College, as well as provide strategies and best practices in working with Generation Z.

Presenter(s): Corey Seemiller, Assistant Professor, Wright State University & Meghan Grace, Sigma Phi Epsilon

Exploring What is Exemplary Co-Curricular Advising – Tuesday, April 26, 2 PM in the Glimmerglass Room

It’s time to redefine how we assess and promote the active and collaborative learning that happens within student organizations on our campuses. Attend this webinar to learn about a recent study on exemplary co-curricular advising by college and university faculty that has practical implications for campus activities professionals, student organization advisors and higher education administrators. Participants will be engaged in a conversation about ways to cultivate and assess co-curricular student engagement on their campus and reshape advising resources for their student organizations.

Presenter(s): Scott Lyons, Director of Student Involvement & Leadership, Johnson & Wales University

Transcending the Walls of the Classroom: The Co-Curriculum in Academic Programs – Wednesday, April 27, 1 PM in the Glimmerglass Room

Learning happens inside and outside the classroom walls. Higher-Order Learning, or learning that occurs when coursework requires reflective and integrative learning, can occur when academic programs erase those walls. This webinar will introduce the benefits of co-curricular learning experiences created to complement in-classroom learning. Attendees will hear how Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business has created a co-curricular experience to help students apply skills gained in the classroom to their broader university experience. This webinar will also serve as an introduction to a future series of interviews with staff at institutions who have developed similar programs.

Presenters: Siobhan May, CampusLabs and Alex Davidson, Program Coordinator for Student Involvement, Ohio State University Fisher College of Business

“A college’s commission—and its concomitant license to choose among pedagogical approaches—is not confined to the classroom, for extracurricular programs are, today, essential parts of the educational process.” … “involvement in student groups is a significant contributor to the breadth and quality of the educational experience” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg writing on behalf of the majority in the Hastings decision.